New Delhi [India], August 25: Sarvanga Education, a trailblazer in the realm of education, continues its commitment to excellence by unveiling the highly anticipated integrated program, "Sikshantar." Recognizing the need for comprehensive education, the program addresses not only academic excellence but also JEE/NEET preparation and integrated psychological and career counseling support. This marks a transformative step towards nurturing well-rounded individuals.

Sikshantar Encompasses Holistic Learning

Sarvanga Education's "Sikshantar," introduced in June, transcends traditional educational paradigms. By seamlessly blending conventional and modern learning approaches, the program caters to CBSE and ICSE curriculum schools in tier two and three cities. While emphasizing academic rigor, "Sikshantar" uniquely incorporates JEE and NEET preparation, ensuring that aspiring students are equipped for competitive exams.

Integrated Support for Psychological and Career Growth.

Understanding the multifaceted challenges students face, Sarvanga Education pioneers by integrating psychological and career counseling within the "Sikshantar" framework. Recognizing the importance of mental well-being, the program provides professional counseling resources, aiding students in managing stress and navigating personal growth. Furthermore, comprehensive career guidance empowers students to make informed decisions about their future pursuits.

Empowering Educators and Students Alike.

"Sikshantar" not only elevates the educational journey of students but also equips educators with tools for effective teaching. The program's multifaceted approach creates an enriched learning environment, enabling teachers to cater to individual learning needs.

"Sikshantar" - Paving the Path for Success

With its sights set on empowering a four-digit number of students this year, Sarvanga Education is poised to make a lasting impact. By providing an inclusive, well-rounded, and supportive educational journey, the institution remains unwavering in its mission to nurture individuals who are academically accomplished and emotionally resilient.

Expanding Horizons with Second Term Syllabus and Beyond

In addition to the groundbreaking "Sikshantar" program, Sarvanga Education achieves another milestone by introducing the second term syllabus. This curriculum adheres to CBSE and ICSE standards, ensuring a robust educational foundation at a reduced cost. Sarvanga Education's dedication to holistic education and student growth remains steadfast.

For further information regarding Sarvanga Education's innovative programs, including "Sikshantar," please visit or contact 18008897848.

Sarvanga Education is a pioneering educational institutiondedicated to reshaping learning experiences. Committed to empowering students in tier two and three cities, Sarvanga Education delivers blended learning programs that combine academic excellence, competitive exam preparation, and integrated psychological and career counseling support.