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Sarvanga provides an excellent opportunity to connect with students and impart education. If you have a passion for teaching and you are interested in exploring teaching opportunities with Sarvanga, please submit the form below. Our representative would get in touch with you shortly.

1. Job Description – Academic Counsellor

Key Responsibilities

  • Calling on leads and counsel to the students for the required courses.
  • Target – 100 calls per day
  • Taking incoming calls from students who called to enquire about the courses.
  • Analyse student's requirements and help in resolving them within the period required.
  • Collaborate with students and parents and ensure that proper questions are asked to identify problems.
  • Manage all enquiries and compile a report for management to review.
  • Manage and prioritise tasks, ensuring that all the deadline are met.
  • Have strong communication skills and convincing power.
  • Updating leads on CRM Software.
  • Noting important details of each conversation.

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2. Job Description – TGT Science

Key Responsibilities & Requirements

They are primarily responsible for providing education to students through daily tasks such as: Planning and instructing lessons on science topics, such as biology, chemistry or physics. Enforcing classroom management.

  • Must have a pen tab
  • Must have online teaching experience till class 10th.
  • Organize classroom lectures and coursework.
  • Identify Students with special *requirements and create individualized plans Research new methods.
  • Experience in Physics Chemistry till 10th CBSE/ICSE.


3. Job Description – Social Studies

Key Responsibilities

  • Must have experience of online teaching till 10th.
  • Must have pen tab.
  • Setting up schedules, lesson plans, and selecting learning material and resources that will help achieve curriculum objectives.
  • Analysing needs, interests, strengths, and weaknesses of students, and developing lesson plans in accordance with these factors.
  • Establishing classroom and debating rules, and ensuring all students obey these rules.
  • Requesting appropriate textbooks and learning aids.
  • Organizing field trips and ensuring permission slips are handed out and signed in a timely manner.

Social Studies Teacher Requirements:

  • Degree in education, history, geography, or a related discipline.
  • Master’s degree preferable.
  • Relevant certification or license may be required.
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication, and debating skills.
  • Ability to remain calm under pressure.
  • Strong multitasking abilities and sound knowledge of current events.
  • Strong cultural sensitivity.


4. Job Description – TGT English


  • Assessing, recording and reporting on the development and progress of students;
  • Be proactively involved in teaching students;
  • Timely correction and marking of assignment work carried out by the students in class and elsewhere;
  • Motivating, facilitating, teaching, according to the pupil’s educational needs;
  • Prepare materials and activities;
  • Organize classroom lectures and coursework;
  • Provide feedback based on workload and classroom behaviour;
  • Identify students with special requirements and create individualized plans;
  • Determine exam and assignment grades;
  • Research new language teaching methods;


  • Must have pen tab
  • Must have online teaching experience till 10th CBSE/ICSE.
  • Dedication to students and education;
  • Knowledge of various teaching methods;
  • Exceptional communication and organizational skills;
  • A patient and resilient personality;
  • Previous experience as an English teacher;
  • BA/MA in English Language or English Literature.
  • Deep understanding of the national curriculum and English language requirements.


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