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Smart CBSE Coaching Classes for VI-XII

Smart Learning Solutions for Smart Kids

All-subject Online Tutorial for CBSE students’ class VI-XII that is virtual and sans the conventional methods. Modern and smart tech-savvy classes for the new-age kids.

Smart Classes from best CBSE Coaching Centre in Town

The virtual world has become normal for quite some time now. Especially in the education sector, teachers and students alike, have experienced its benefits immensely. The best CBSE coaching centre in town are steadily adapting to these methods and it is here to stay. Get rid of the heavy schoolbags as you study the smart way. Here is what you get from Best CBSE Coaching in West Bengal:

  • Subject experts from Pan India
  • Classes, courses and tuition programmes for all budgets
  • Flexibility of attending classes from anywhere at anytime
  • Softcopies of notes that are accessible from anywhere
  • Tuition for classes VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI and XII for Science are available. Tuition for classes 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th for Mathematics are also available. Along with above, Commerce subjects for class XI and XII (11th and 12th) are also available.
  • Classes for last moment preparation
  • Video recordings of every class is available in the student’s account.

“Student Success Specialists” will be available on-call. who can take care and arrange to resolve of all the queries beyond the tuition-hours.

Online Tutorial For CBSE

Unlock Affordable Excellence: Class 6-12 Syllabus Courses at Unbeatable Prices!

Looking for budget-friendly education options for your child? Sarvanga Education is offering affordable Classes under the program "SuccessMantra" for 6-12 syllabus courses. We understand the importance of quality education without breaking the bank, and that's why we offer "SuccessMantra" with unbeatable prices on full-year curriculum programs.

Key Benefits of Sarvanga Education's Affordable Programs:

  • Full Year Curriculum at Low Cost: Our courses cover the entire academic year syllabus, ensuring your child receives a comprehensive education without the high tuition fees.
  • Quality Education, Affordable Prices: We believe in providing top-notch education that doesn't strain your wallet. Our experienced teachers and tech-savvy methods make learning efficient and cost-effective.
  • Save on Yearly Tuition Fees: Say goodbye to expensive tuition fees. Sarvanga Education offers discounted full-year courses that help you save on education costs.
  • Year-Long Learning, Less Cost: Your child can access our classes from the comfort of home, eliminating the need for additional expenses like transportation and study materials.
  • Economical Syllabus Packages: We cater to CBSE students from classes VI to XII, offering a wide range of subjects. Choose the courses that suit your child's needs at economical prices.
  • Unbeatable Prices on Full-Year Syllabus: We provide complete NCERT solutions prepared by our expert teachers after thorough analysis, all at prices that can't be matched.
Online Tutorial For CBSE

Enroll your child in Sarvanga Education's affordable Classes 6-12 syllabus courses today and unlock a world of quality education without the financial burden. Contact us at 1800-889-7848 or email us at to get started. Don't miss out on this opportunity to give your child the best education at the lowest cost.

Why Choose Sarvanga?

cbse online coaching

With so many coaching centres around you, narrowing down on one gets tricky. Online tutorial for CBSE in Delhi is available from plenty of independent tutors as well as coaching centres. Then what sets apart Sarvanga? As a concerned parents, if you are looking for a coaching centre where teacher’s has adapted with the new methods and techniques of teaching, Sarvanga is the perfect place. We are a team of tech-savvy subject experts who absolutely believe in the methods of online coaching. Let’s not burden your child with the plethora of books, copies and more reference notes. Instead handle all these smartly with two simple technology- the power of internet and a smart device. Here’s why Sarvanga is widely accepted as Best CBSE coaching in Delhi:

  • Complete virtual classes and assistance for all subjects.
  • Flexible tuition times and option to participate in classes whenever and from wherever you want.
  • Access to notes and materials made by top subject experts in the country.
  • Classes accessible from the comfort of your home from any part of the city
  • Competitive fees that are unbeatable.
  • Teachers who not only know the subject well but are fluent with the technologies associated with virtual learning.
  • Years of experience in both physical classes as well as virtual.
  • Top subject teachers from around the country who are accoladed for their expertise, impart the education at our platform.

Sarvanga provides best CBSE online coaching in the country and steadily expanding. We aim to cater our education to students from the remotest corner of the country.

How does it Work?

Being one of the best CBSE online coaching in the country, we can boast of being one of the very few examples who thoroughly rely on smart technology to provide education. But to many parents, the concept is quite intriguing for them. The primary query that most parents have is how does the coaching classes work out and how to get their child admitted in these classes. The best online coaching for CBSE from class 10th – 12th students is designed to ensure students can access the classes with ease. Here's how the admission process works:

  • Fill out the form mentioning details like the board of the child, class, subjects for which they need coaching.
  • The parents will be contacted based on the form, and the class timings and frequency will be discussed along with specific and unique needs of the child.

After this, the student can start attending the classes at Best CBSE coaching in Uttar Pradesh.

CBSE coaching classes

Join the best online coaching for class VI - XII CBSE students to ensure your syllabus is covered smoothly. We provide complete NCERT solutions prepared by our expert teachers after thorough analysis. Get in touch today with Sarvanga at 1800-889-7848 or today and enroll for the classes at the earliest.

Our Teachers

Batches We Offer


1 to 1 classes assures the student to have our experienced teacher all by themselves during the whole session.


Premium batch gives the students the privilege of studying with their friends in a group of 4!


Regular Batch Being in a regular batch doesn't mean you'll be neglected, each and every doubt will be solved by our professional teachers

Frequently Asked Questions

Get some insightful resolution to frequently asked questions by parents and students from this segment.

1. Which classes can get coaching from Sarvanga?

We provide coaching for classes VI to XII for CBSE students.

2. Are coaching for all-subjects available?

Presently we provide coaching for Science and Mathematics for classes VI- XII along with Science and Commerce for Class XI and XII. We are expanding our scope to include other subjects as well.

3. What is the duration of each class?

The class duration of each class will be 60 minutes.

4. Is hardcopy of notes sent to students?

No. We believe in an absolute smart education solution for our students. All classes are conducted virtually and notes are shared as soft-copies in the student’s account. Practice questions are shared in hard copy through postal services.