New Delhi [India], June 26: Sarvanga Education, after the successful launch of a virtual learning portal catering to middle to higher classes (VI-XII) along with preparatory classes for NEET and JEE (main and advanced), has proudly added yet another feather to its bouquet of offerings by collaborating with Schools as an expert ' knowledge partner '.

In its early phase only, reputed educational groups like The Vedanta Academy in Kolkata, Jeevan Jyoti Public School in Prayagraj (Allahabad), and the like have already subscribed to this service and are reaping the full benefits of it to the advantage of their students.

The institute is open to offering this exquisite service to schools across geographic locations, especially to the education hubs in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, which often suffer from adequate and competent teaching personnel and tutorial aids. This service would appropriately complement the essential teaching and tutorial requirements of students at those respective institutions.

Sarvanga's service enables the school to address the specialised tutorial needs of students and take full advantage of the hybrid model of education. They have also created a team of dedicated support personnel to facilitate the service at the local level, and they are being deployed exclusively at the partner school premises. This is also generating certain employment opportunities in the local job market.

With access to quality and cutting-edge pedagogy, tutorials, and moreover, a holistic way of tending to and nurturing the mental health of the students through regular psychological interventions being offered exclusively by expert associates of Sarvanga. The organisation aims to make a significant difference in the lives of our future generations by addressing and alleviating the disparities that stem from geographical and oftentimes socio-economic barriers. Identifying the core needs of the students of middle and high schools and bringing appropriate and seamless solutions to them in virtual mode, irrespective of their diverse locations, is what the organisation strives for.

With education entering the new era of hybrid and virtual learning facilities, Sarvanga is all set to create a wholesome and enriching learning experience that is both empowering and economical at the same time.