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What is Sikhshantar?

Sikhshantar is a school-integrated program launched by Sarvanga Education to bridge the gap between traditional education and modern education. As the name defines ”Shiksha+Antar” clearly means the education that mends the difference in various education systems while making it available to students in any corner of the world regardless of any socio-economic barrier.

Sikhshantar not only provides various benefits to students, but it also provides endless advantages to schools that have collaborated with us to start our Sikhshantar program. From flexible program scheduling to flexible study material format, affordability and convenience, psychological assessment, and career counseling, and empowering holistic development, Sikhshantar offers the best of everything to schools and students.

To make this dream come to a reality, there are various features that this program, launched by Sarvanga Education has to offer to students to have the best of both worlds, starting from traditional education to entering the world of advanced education. Mentioned below are a few key features that Sarvanga Education has taken to make Sikhshantar successful not only amongst students but also a great program to be introduced in schools. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits the school that opts for the Shikshantar program gets with Sarvanga Education-

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Sarvanga Education is known for offering education as per students’ specific requirements by experts in various fields. Our only vision at Sarvanga Education is to provide world-class teaching and great substance to all our students so that they can reach great heights in their careers and see their dreams coming true regardless of all the socio-economic barriers. No matter which part of the world you are from, or which corner of society you belong to, we aim to provide the best education to all the students who come to us.

Sarvanga Education’s school-integrated education- Sikhshantar programs can be organized to suit the convenience of your school's timetable while offering bilingual and regional language support to facilitate better understanding and inclusivity among students. With our school-integrated program, we aim to offer a 360° approach, covering academic support, branding, and admission support to ensure a holistic educational experience.

Sarvanga Education is known for creating personalized and tailor-made programs that align greatly with the unique needs and requirements of every school. Our classes commence as per the school's convenient schedule without creating any disturbance in the school curriculum.

Now, here are a few advantages that students get to cherish under the Sikhshantar program launched by Sarvanga Education that benefit them in their holistic development.

Sarvanga Education ‘School integrated program- Sikhshantar’ is an innovative and advanced education approach that perfectly combines various educational elements such as "Blended Curriculum," "Interdisciplinary Education," "Cross-Disciplinary Education," and "Multi-Domain Learning."

Our school-integrated program- Skhishantar offers comprehensive support to all the students through practical exercises, assessments, and a tailored curriculum to meet the specific requirements of CBSE and ICSE boards, and preparation of JEE/NEET while taking care of the boards, we also aim to provide all-inclusive support to our students in every possible aspect.

the National Education Policy 2023 (NEP-2023), is indeed a transformative policy, that has replaced a three-decade-old framework and envisions a modernized education system that transcends boundaries. With this new education policy, there has been a major departure from the past education system, students will be able to witness a change from the traditional 10+2 model to the progressive 5+3+3+4 structure. Based on this National Education Policy 2023, Sarvanga Education has introduced its School integrated program (Shikshantar) which will give students the benefit of preparing for major entrance examinations like NEET or JEE while being in school and studying the usual curriculum.


Sarvanga Education's "School Integrated Program- Sikhshantar" is nothing but a visionary approach to education, where we prepare our students for the real-life challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. By embracing integrated learning, interdisciplinary education, and digital solutions, Sarvanga Education is paving the way for a brighter future for all its students.

With Sikhshantar the students are offered a perfect and student-friendly blended learning approach that holds the combination of face-to-face instruction with the flexibility and interactive nature of learning. This extraordinary, affordable, and student-friendly educational model allows all the enrolled students to gain an advantage from personal attention shared by expert teachers along with modern technology.

Therefore, with Sikhshantar, Sarvanga Education aims to offer a comprehensive JEE and NEET preparation, ranging from foundation levels (Grade 9) to the advanced levels (Grade 12), through a flexible and versatile model including offline, hybrid, and online mode of teaching and learning.

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