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Sarvanga Education Vision

Our only vision at Sarvanga Education is to provide world-class teaching and great substance to all our students so that they can reach great heights in their careers and see their dreams coming true regardless of all the socio-economic barriers. No matter which part of the world you are from, or which corner of society you belong to, we aim to provide the best education to all the students who come to us. So, give us a chance to guide you by holding your hand so that you achieve your maximum capacity without feeling any kind of financial or socio-economic burden.

Sarvanga Education: Unlocking the Future of Learning with School Integrated Program- Shikshantar

The School Integrated Program (Shikshantar) at Sarvanga Education offers a perfect blended learning approach that holds the combination of face-to-face instruction with the flexibility and interactive nature of educational learning. This extraordinary and student-beneficiary model will allow students to gain endless benefits from personal attention shared by well-versed and trained teachers along with experience in modern technology.

With this School integrated program, Sarvanga Education aims to offer a comprehensive JEE and NEET preparation, ranging from foundation levels (Grade 9) to the advanced levels (Grade 12), through a versatile and flexible education model including offline, hybrid, and online mode of teaching and learnings.

The school-integrated program is undoubtedly a good deal breaker for students as well as for the school as it offers endless benefits when it comes to students' holistic development in building a bright future in education. The program helps students to plan their careers or professions which leads his/her to be independent thinkers. Sarvanga Education offers a completely customized educational program that provides the dual object of ‘Excellence in School/Board Exams + Cracking competitive exams like IIT, JEE/NEET, etc.

Not only students but schools and institutions also experience great advantages with Shikshantar. Let's discuss them in brief-

Flexible Program Scheduling

Sikhshantar - the school-integrated program launched by Sarvanga Education is designed in such a way as to suit the convenience of students' school timetables. This flexible program offers bilingual and regional language support in order to provide better and clearer understanding along with inclusivity among students. With Sikhshantar, we at Sarvanga Education aim to provide a 360-degree approach including world-class and the best academic support, branding, and support with the admission process to ensure an overall educational experience.

Tailored Programs

Sarvanga Education school integrated program- Sikhshantar is experienced in designing tailor-made or personalized educational programs for students that are clearly tuned with the unique needs of every collaborated school. Our classes under Sikhsnatar programs are planned as per the school's convenient schedule.

Flexible Study Material Formats

Sarvanga Education caters to diverse learning preferences by providing study materials in both soft and hard copy formats (as per the class format), ensuring students can access resources according to their chosen learning methodology. Apart from academic excellence at Sarvanga Education, we always aim to go above and beyond by providing guidance and assistance when it comes to admissions in universities and helping students secure placements in reputed colleges and universities. This support from Sarvanga Education provides a smoother journey for all the students who are seeking to take careers to high peaks.

Well, these were some of the benefits that schools witnessed with Sarvanga Education’s Shikshantar. Now let’s have a look at the advantages that Sarvanga Education’s School Integrated Program- Sikhshantar offers to students-

Affordability and Convenience

By offering classes within students' schools, we aim to eliminate the need for extra travel or additional expenses that students have to bear during their travel. Our budget-friendly services are easily accessible to a wide range of students and their families with the objective of the best results living in any corner of the world or the country.

All-Inclusive Support

Our school-integrated program offers comprehensive support to all the students through practical exercises, assessments, and a tailored curriculum to meet the specific requirements of CBSE and ICSE boards, (also JEE/NEET here) while taking care of the board, we also aim to provide all-inclusive support to our students in every possible aspect.

Psychological Assessment and Career Counseling

In addition to academic services, Sarvanga Education also offers personalized psychological assessments to all its students to thoroughly understand their strengths, weaknesses, and interests. Based on the result, our counselors offer career counseling sessions to students to guide them and help them choose the right career path.

Empowering Holistic Development

When it comes to the holistic development of students, a student’s mental well-being is also very important as it plays an integral part in a student’s academic performance and overall success. We at Sarvanga Education completely understand this importance. At Sarvanga Education we aim to empower our students to make informed and fruitful decisions about their future and thus boost their confidence and self-esteem so that they can perform well in a field they have chosen for their future.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, there are various other benefits that Sarvanga Education’s School Integrated Program- SIkhshantar has to offer to all its students, and also takes great pride in this educational program. Let’s discuss them below-

Integrated Education for a Digital Era

Sarvanga Education fully understands the importance of staying ahead in the digital age not only to succeed but also to win the race, and that is why the "Shikshantar" is designed in such a way that it will cater to the needs of modern learners in every possible way. This advanced and innovative education approach by Sarvanga Education appropriately offers a perfect balance of "Blended Curriculum," "Interdisciplinary Education," "Cross-Disciplinary Education," and "Multi-Domain Learning."

Understanding and Embracing to a Changing World

There is no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic posed endless challenges to all students, especially to students, therefore Sarvanga Education effortlessly transitioned to "Hybrid Classes" and "Digital Board School" giving the best solutions to all its students to offer the safest and most easily accessible learning to all its students in every corner of the world. These options ensure that learning never stops, even in the face of adversity.

The Sarvanga Difference

Sarvanga Education is not only limited to school, it is more than that. Sarvanga Education is an educational ecosystem that believes in fostering innovation, critical thinking, and adaptability keeping its students in it’s mind. With the "Integrated Study Approach," all the students are encouraged to explore multiple domains, collaborate across disciplines, and develop a deeper understanding of the world around them.

In conclusion, Sarvanga Education's "School Integrated Program- Sikhshantar" offers a perfect visionary approach to education, where students are prepared for all the real-life challenges and opportunities of the 21st century especially in the field of education. By embracing integrated learning through Sikhshantar, interdisciplinary education, and digital solutions, Sarvanga Education is paving the way for a brighter future for all its students.